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Benefits of Initial Service

Benefits of Initial Service

Our research shows that having a hygienic and odour-free bathroom can significantly improve the impression that a business makes on its customers. Initial provides a range of bathroom, kitchen and occupational hygiene services,  including a comprehensive selection of modern hygiene product options to suit your business profile.

The benefits of a serviced bathroom and workplace are many; the guarantee of receiving access to the latest in hygiene products, regular contacts with industry experts and quality hygiene services. Initial ensures that you provide a comfortable bathroom experience for your customers and staff, a pleasant working environment for your employees and sparkling clean and sanitary kitchen equipment that boosts occupational hygiene and food safety levels within your business.

Did you know that only one out of every three people wash their hands after visiting the bathroom? By providing a clean and hygienic environment for your staff, customers and visitors, the risks of cross contamination are lowered considerably.  

Let Initial take care of your hygiene requirements, while you focus on your core business:

  • Trust the experts to supply you with sanitary bathroom hygiene services and products. To avoid cross contamination and ensure clean and safe toilet facilities at all times, we regularly disinfect your bathroom and toilet cubicles with our Deep Cleaning Toilet Treatment.  To ensure that your bathroom visitors play their part, we provide your bathroom with hand hygiene products, as well as toilet seat sanitizer and feminine hygiene solutions.
  • Need to increase productivity in the workplace? Rely on us to sanitize your office equipment - such as telephones, keyboards, desks and monitors - to prevent the spread of bacteria in the office. We also supply you with regularly serviced floor mats that capture dirt and grime, preventing slip hazards and protect not only your staff, but your floors too. By regularly sanitizing your office equipment, we ensure optimum occupational hygiene levels – which results in less employee absenteeism and improved staff attendance.
  • Did you know that clean kitchen equipment uses less power? Our advanced CaterClean service will ensure your kitchen equipment is expertly sanitized and lasts longer, therefore saving you costs, while our Biological Dosing service will prevent grease traps from becoming blocked and overflowing. Depend on Initial’s advanced kitchen deep cleaning services to make your kitchen look as good as new, whilst caring for the health of your staff and patrons.

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