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Environment Matters

As a company specialising in environmental solutions, we take our responsibility towards reducing any potentially harmful impact on the environment very seriously.  Everyone wants to take greater care of the environment and as increasingly more organisations focus on becoming low-impact businesses, we aim to enhance their efforts by developing solutions that make positive contributions in critical areas.  

At Initial, we take the greatest care to ensure that your business environment is kept hygienic, whilst always keeping our impact on the environment top of mind. Wherever possible we’ll opt for biodegradable solutions, and we guarantee that any chemical disposal is done in an environmentally responsible way in situations where biodegradable solutions aren’t available.

Some of our initiatives include:

Bio-dosing for grease traps: 

  • Bio-enzymes (friendly bacteria strains) are dispensed via automatic dispensers into fat traps, drains and septic tanks. These bio-enzymes are naturally-occurring non pathogenic microbes as well as enzymes which have been selected for their ability to break down fat, grease and organic materials, thereby alleviating the build-up of these waste materials and also controlling odours. 
  • Bio-enzymes eliminate the need for harsh chemicals and expensive plumbing maintenance. 
  • These friendly bacteria strains are natural and are therefore completely environmentally safe and harmless to all human, plant and aquatic life.


  • Bio-enzymes  are contained in the serviced Ecofresh unit which is placed within a urinal trap. The bio-enzymes are released into the urinal plumbing system every time urine passes over the unit. No water is required for the process to occur. 
  • The Ecofresh unit is supported by a daily Ecoclear maintenance spray which eliminates the need for any cleaning chemicals. 
  • The Ecofresh system therefore drastically reduces flushing water use, eliminates odours, uric acid accumulation and the need for cleaning chemicals.


  • This specialised service from Initial deep-cleans commercial kitchen equipment, effectively removing heavy food and grease deposits and refurbishing the equipment. 
  • The CaterClean service thus reduces the need for daily use of harsh cleaning chemicals and not only extends the service life of your kitchen equipment, but it also reduces the risk of fire. 
  • The reduction in carbon on your stove plates and gas burners also means you save electricity and/or gas as your appliances heat up faster.
  • In addition to the visual, hygienic and safety benefits of a CaterClean service, CaterClean also reduces the risk of pest infestations in the kitchen, as any potential food source is eliminated during the service. This drastically reduces the need for pesticides and pest control measures within the kitchen area.

Emission control: 

  • We optimise all the routes our service vehicles follow so that they spend the least possible time on the road.


  • Almost all the paper towels we supply for use in toilet cubicles and bathrooms come from recycled sources.

Feminine Hygiene:

  • All incoming sanitary waste is adequately disinfected through the use of a proprietary blend of fluids and vapours, called the “Sanitact Green” preparation found inside the waste bin The bin liners used are 100% biodegradable to ensure an environment friendly solution is provided.
  • Initial performs regular auditing and monitoring processes to ensure that sanitary ware is sterilized and disinfected according to the correct procedures. In fact, Initial was the first company to have been granted permission to use a landfill method for sanitary waste disposal by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry.
  • Our new sanitary waste disposal service for our Signature units allows us to dispose of sanitary waste on your premises, which ensures your sanitary bins are always clean and fresh.

We provide all Initial staff with Good Practice Guidelines and checklists that clearly set out their environmental responsibilities, and the rationale that lies behind them. We back up our frontline staff awareness and activities with regular audits from our Environment, and Health and Safety team. Our environmental awareness is constantly evolving and improving, to ensure we put the best environmental solutions into practice.

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