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Health and Safety

Initial will provide you with a hygiene services contract to help ensure that you meet or exceed Health and Safety requirements in the sensitive areas of toilet cubicles and bathrooms.

We also provide occupational hygiene services to ensure that your office equipment  (telephones, keyboards, desks etc) is sanitised, clean, and free of harmful bacteria that could affect the health and wellbeing of your staff. Initial further ensures that your kitchen equipment is spotless and bacteria-free, helping you to comply with the Food Safety Act and also ensuring that your business is HACCP compliant.

We keep up to date on Occupational Health and Safety, as well as environmental and workplace regulations in South Africa, to ensure you always meet your statutory requirements.

Not only do our hygiene services improve the Occupational Health and Safety compliance of your business, but they also benefit you in many other ways too. Hygienic bathrooms, office environments and kitchens are a direct reflection of your company’s business ethos. Hygienic,  pleasant facilities help maintain and improve staff morale, prevent cross contamination that causes illness and absenteeism, and thus increase productivity levels! Clean office spaces will also create a positive impression on customers and guests that visit your premises.

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