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History and experience

We work with our customers to deliver a wide range of essential hygiene services, which enables them to deliver their core business more effectively.

Initial’s businesses operate in more than 40 countries around the world, but we’re structured to deliver on a local level, so you get the level of service you deserve. In South Africa our services include bathroom hygiene solutions, office and kitchen hygiene services as well as floorcare services.

With continual innovation, advanced management systems, and the highest standards of customer service, we’re recognised as leaders in our field.

Our local technicians are fully trained and deliver quality hygiene services that offers peace of mind and improves your business' hygiene levels.

Initial History

About Rentokil Initial in South Africa

Initial began trading in England in 1903 when an American, Mr A.P.Bigelow, started a towel rental service for businesses in London. Each customer had their initials embroidered on their towels, and so the Initial Towel Supply Company was born.

Over the years, the business grew and expanded into many other countries. It was acquired by the Rentokil group in 1996, and the group renamed itself Rentokil Initial. Rentokil added international know-how and business acumen to the Initial group’s operations, and the two businesses now trade separately under the Rentokil and Initial brand names.

With 12 hygiene service centres in South Africa alone, setting industry standards has been our focus since the 1960s. Our steady growth has been based on quality service, understanding and meeting the needs of our clients and an extensive international footprint, making Initial one of the industry leaders in the area of bathroom and occupational hygiene service provision.

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