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Leadership and Innovation

Our understanding of bathroom, kitchen and occupational hygiene is constantly developing, and we are always keen to employ the latest technology in our drive to increase standards. This brings us recognition from our clients and from our peers in the marketplace.

With decades of experience in the hygiene services industry, Initial understands that our clients’ needs are at the core of any service we provide. We make it our business to fully understand our clients’ requirements and to tailor-make our hygiene service offerings to their working environments. All this, whilst make making use of our professional and skilled service teams and utilising the most up-to-date tools.  

As experts in the hygiene services industry and with many years of experience, Initial understands how important it is to ensure that our services revolve around the needs of our clients. We are continuously working on research and development and investing in technology to supply you with world class equipment and services.

Did you know that the use of new technology can help reduce costs, as well as contribute to a more environmentally-friendly way of running your business?

Investing in technology can benefit your business in these ways:

Water saving Tips from Initial

Saving you water:

  • Save 3000%* on your urinal water usage. By installing EcoCap - with its odour and bacteria neutralising bio enzymes - in your urinals you'll only need to flush in the morning and afternoon, rather than having to flush after every use with other products.
    *Saving based on calculation with a building of 20 male users

  • PLUS by Initial is a unique approach to feminine hygiene unit servicing, combining on site servicing with Initial's 5 layers of protection that will give you peace of mind. By changing from the exchange model we consume 90% less water per service.

  • A 1 minute hand wash with the tap left open uses 6 liters of water. Using waterless hand sanitizers from Initial will ensure that you continue to prevent cross contamination without the regular use of water.

  • Using a high pressure hose to deep clean your bathroom can use between 50 - 75 liters of water in 5 minutes. Initial's Deep Cleaning Treatment requires minimal rinsing due to the use of bio enzyme preparations.

  • It takes between 100 - 200 liters of water to flush and unclog your grease trap and drainage system. Biodosing from Initial is a bio enzyme dosing system for grease traps that prevents blockages and improves the quality of your waste water, thus reducing your impact on the environment.

Download out brochure on water saving>

Saving water with Initial


Reduce cleanser demand:

  • By making use of our Deep Cleaning Toilet Treatment, expert service is delivered to you by trained Initial specialists. We sanitise toilet fixtures and surfaces in your bathroom, allowing your daily cleaners to focus on their cleaning duties and make more efficient use of their cleaning supplies. Our deep cleaning treatment makes use of internationally patented and comprehensively effective chemical preparations to eliminate bacteria, and which are SABS approved.

  • Our advanced CaterClean service specialises in removing those stubborn, burnt-on carbon deposits, grease, grime, and solidified oil that the daily cleaning team is unable eliminate from your kitchen equipment. See the sparkling results!

  • As part of our Sanitary Waste Disposal Service our sanitary bins include a Sanitact green preparation which consists of 90% natural minerals and essential plant oil extracts that disinfects waste inside the bin. Our sanitary bin liners are  antimicrobial, biodegradable and are scented. We dispose of sanitary waste responsibly in compliance with legislation.

Lowering energy requirements:

  • Burnt on deposits can cause kitchen equipment to work harder, not smarter; clean equipment uses less energy. CaterClean from Initial makes use of SABS approved Food Safe solutions and ensures that kitchen equipment comes up sparkling.  This deep cleaning service - making use of advanced preparations - will not only ensure your kitchen equipment is spotless, but will also extend its lifespan and make it more efficient to run!

  • The Dyson V Airblade is a cold hand drying solution which has no related bathroom waste. This unit helps to reduce your business’ environmental impact, and is up to 69% more cost effective to operate per year and produces at least 67% less carbon dioxide than some other hand dryers and paper towels.

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