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Air Freshener

Reflection Air Freshener Fan

Providing you with a fresh environment

Initial's Reflection air freshener provides a simple and effective air freshening system which treats transient bathroom odours helping to present a welcoming and fresh smelling environment.

The use of a non aerosol system means your bathroom is filled with a pleasant air scent without the ‘damp fragrance shower’ offered by an aerosol system. Variable settings enable fragrance strength and frequency to be altered to suit your bathroom individual preferences.

Crafted in the finest stainless steel, the Reflection air freshener offers your bathroom a stylish yet functional air freshening system that blends into the surroundings.

Reflection Air Fresh Fan


  • The Reflection air freshener fans are simple to wipe clean and fingerprint resistant
  • Sleek & contemporary Norwegian design, exclusive to Initial
  • Long battery life
  • Programmable to allow for different working hours/days to avoid energy and fragrance wastage
  • 5 air freshener fragrance choices
  • Continuous, gentle fragrance dispersal into the room
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Robust, vandal-resistant construction
  • Quiet operation
  • Tamper-proof, lockable cover
  • Battery low indicator on servicing


  • Stainless Steel


  • 1x 100 ml pot


  • H 219mm x W 119mm x D 91mm


  • 900g

We offer an on-trend range of air freshener fan fragrances containing AromaGuard™ technology to tackle odours.

  • English Lavender
  • Cotton Breeze
  • Spring Blossom
  • Peach Nectar
  • Sweet Mandarin

Recommended product location

  • In bathrooms up to 30m3 one unit is sufficient. Larger bathrooms may require more units.
  • Air fresheners are installed above door height, near cubicles and urinals
  • The units are serviced by Initial


  • Air freshener fans are installed by an Initial Service Engineer
  • The units are mounted on the wall with screws or adhesive pads

Service promise

  • Customer care line for enquiries
  • Air fresheners are installed within 10 working days of the customer signing contract
  • Free repair or replacement within lifetime of contract with Initial


  • Within 72 hours of recorded notification
  • Disposal

  • Protection

    The surface is designed to enhance hygiene services standards and to make cleaning easier

  • Design

    Fully programmable air freshener device that gives customers the flexibility to adjust the frequency of fragrancing

  • Quality

    Reliable and durable, tested to last with a lifetime guarantee

  • Service

    Our air freshener service is tailored to your usage levels and ensures you never run out of fragrance between service intervals

  • Consumables

    Air freshener fragrances contain AromaGuard™ technology, designed to target bathroom malodours