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Bathroom Product Ranges

At Initial we have a range of bathroom hygiene solutions to suit all types of organisations - whether large or small, with premises open or closed to the public. 

The Signature range is designed with clean, graceful curves, offering products that deliver high standards of hygiene in any environment, while our Reflection range emphasises and reflects your brand’s image and reputation whilst ensuring hygienic bathrooms.

Our bathroom hygiene product ranges feature matching units for your bathroom, designed to complement the style and décor of your premises. Whatever your requirements we can provide care at a cost you can afford.

If you really want to impress customers and staff, your toilet facilities should be treated as seriously as the rest of your business.

We strive for quality in everything that we do

Our range of bathroom products have been designed with our customers in mind, taking their feedback and requirements into consideration and safeguarding their reputation. 

We employ the latest technology to make our products as environmentally friendly as we possibly can and take our impact on the environment very seriously.

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