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Reflection Sanitary Bins

Reflection’s stylish no touch sanitary bins are particularly suited to premium locations. The  unit is sleek and reassuring solid, crafted from the finest grade stainless steel.

Initial offers a service that can provide your business with the peace of mind and confidence that your environmental and sanitary waste legislation concerns are taken care of whilst you are also providing your female bathroom visitors with a safe, discreet, easy to use and hygienic means of disposing of their feminine hygiene waste.

Each sanitary bin utilises a BioSach insert to neutralise any malodors found within the unit. 

reflection sanitary bin


  • The No Touch sanitary bin is simple to wipe clean and fingerprint resistant
  • Ergonomically designed to ensure it is practical and comfortable to use
  • No touch operation provides superior feminine hygiene protection for the users
  • Sanitary bins are available in two sizes, standard unit has a large capacity for higher traffic areas; compact unit works great for the smaller toilet cubicle or special environment where you require more discretion
  • Large aperture allows for easy disposal of sanitary waste
  • Modesty flap for discreet sanitary waste disposal and prevention of exposure to contents
  • Quiet, reliable operation for hygienic, discreet use
  • Complementary sanitary waste disposal bag dispenser also available for a complete solution

Material – Stainless Steel for unit and plastic lid


Capacity – 24L
Dimensions – H 561mm x W 302mm x D 198mm
Weight – 4.8kg 


Capacity – 14L
Dimensions – H 382mm x W 251mm x D 173mm
Weight – 2.47kg 

Environmentally Friendly Odour Protection

To ensure a pleasant bathroom experience is provided, Initial's sanitary bins contain an environmentally friendly deodorising ‘BioSach’ sachet, which combats the unpleasant odours inside the bin, whilst slowly releasing a delicate fragrance to deliver constant toilet cubicle freshness.

* Replacement sanitary bin disposal bags available for bag dispenser

National Regulations

The National Regulations on health care risk waste (National Environmental Management Waste Act, 59 of 2008) requires that a Company such as Initial must demonstrate the safe management of health care risk waste. 

Non domestic sanitary waste / Health care risk waste according to NEMWA: 

  1. - Cannot be disposed of by unlicensed contractors to municipal general landfill / disposal 
  2. - Must be treated prior to disposal to a hygienic state and disposed of by licensed contractors to hazardous landfill, 
  3. - Or must be disposed of via a licensed contractor where the sanitary waste is autoclaved & shredded to NEMWA standards prior to final disposal at general municipal landfill.

Initial’s Sanitary Waste Service meets all the requirements of the 2012 National Regulations on health care risk waste and demonstrates due diligence, as independently verified by a leading local expert, Dr David A. Baldwin.

Sanitary Waste Disposal Service

Initial Hygiene's sanitary waste disposal service helps you dispose of feminine hygiene waste in a safe, sensitive and environmentally friendly manner, ensuring your business’ compliance with the necessary regulations, providing you with complete peace of mind.

The service provides your bathroom cubicles with 14 to 24 litre no touch sanitary bins that are specifically designed for the modern compact toilet cubicle.

A fully trained customer delivery representative from one of Initial Hygiene's local waste transfer stations will perform a regular scheduled visit to your premises. Exchanging your feminine hygiene sanitary waste disposal bins on each visit ensures a constantly high level of hygiene within your bathroom.

Service Key Points

  • Sanitary disposal bin(s) supplied
  • Scheduled sanitary bin exchanges
  • ‘BioSach’ environmentally friendly odour neutralising sachet included
  • Sanitary waste transfer documentation provided
  • Full compliance with relevant legislation

  • Protection

    No Touch operation means users don't have to come into contact with sanitary bins, reducing the risk of cross contamination
  • Design

    Ergonomically designed to ensure that the sanitary bin is practical and comfortable to use
  • Quality

    Reliable and durable, tested to last with a lifetime guarantee
  • Service

    The sanitary waste disposal service ensures feminine hygiene waste is handled in a safe, sensitive and environmentally friendly manner
  • Consumables

    Fragranced sachet, which combats the unpleasant odours inside sanitary bins