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Sanitact Sanitary Bins

Providing a safe and hygienic means of sanitary waste disposal

Providing sanitary bins in your bathroom cubicles are vital in ensuring your employees and other female bathroom visitors feel comfortable and relaxed when using your facilities.

Offering a discreet and convenient method to safely and hygienically dispose of sanitary waste helps to assure them that their health and safety is important to you. Our feminine hygiene services provide your business with sanitary disposal bins to enable a safe and legally compliant way to dispose of sanitary waste.

As not all bathrooms are the same, our variable service frequency options provide a cost-effective sanitary solution. Fully managed by Initial Hygiene, the sanitary bin service offers peace of mind to your female bathroom visitors, whilst providing reassurance that this sensitive waste is being dealt with in a safe and hygienic manner.

Essential Sanitary Bin Options

Our essential range of sanitary bins are designed to be placed alongside the toilet to provide a subtle means of sanitary disposal to suit any size or type of cubicle design.

Initial Hygiene's sanitary bins have a built in modesty tray that keeps waste out of the view of the user. These units also contain our unique BioSachet insert which offers excellent odour control, ensuring a pleasant and welcoming bathroom experience is achieved.


  • 19 litre capacity
  • Modesty tray prevents disposed waste being visible
  • Highly effective BioSachet insert placed into each sanitary bin for exceptional odour control
  • Waste transfer certificate provided


  • Polypropylene


  • H 500mm x W 395mm x D 163mm


  • 1.675kg


  • 19L

National Regulations

The National Regulations on health care risk waste (National Environmental Management Waste Act, 59 of 2008) requires that a Company such as Initial must demonstrate the safe management of health care risk waste.

Non domestic sanitary waste / Health care risk waste according to NEMWA: 

  1. - Cannot be disposed of by unlicensed contractors to municipal general landfill / disposal
  2. - Must be treated prior to disposal to a hygienic state and disposed of by licensed contractors to hazardous landfill
  3. - Or must be disposed of via a licensed contractor where the sanitary waste is autoclaved & shredded to NEMWA standards prior to final disposal at general municipal landfill

Initial’s Sanitary Waste Service meets all the requirements of the 2012 National Regulations on health care risk waste and demonstrates due diligence, as independently verified by a leading local expert, Dr David A. Baldwin.

Sanitary Waste Disposal Service

Our Sanitact sanitary bins are serviced by trained Initial technicians

  • Economic Value

    Avoids costly blockages
  • Image

    Shows you care for your employee and visitor welfare
  • Environmental

    We recycle feminine hygiene waste on your behalf
  • Legislation

    Ensures you comply with your obligations under the Workplace Regulation and the Environmental Protection Act
  • Health & Hygiene

    Hygenic disposal of offensive waste eliminates the health risks from cross contamination