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Toilet Hygiene

Giving your customers hygiene reassurance throughout your bathroom is key to creating a pleasant environment, and this extends right through to the toilet cubicles and urinals in your bathrooms. Initial offers a range of toilet hygiene solutions to keep the toilet cubicles and urinals looking fresh and clean throughout the day, and in between cleaning cycles.

Toilet Hygiene Products:

Initial provides toilet hygiene products that ensure that provides your bathroom visitors with peace of mind and a pleasant bathroom experience.

Our toilet hygiene products include:

  • Toilet and urinal sanitizers that doses sanitizing fluid after each flush ensuring toilet bowls and urinals are consistently kept clean and fresh.
  • Toilet seat sanitizers that dispense an alcohol based solution which can be used to clean the toilet seat before use.
  • Toilet roll holders that are designed to cope with the differing levels of bathroom traffic, ensuring that toilet paper is protected from airborne bacteria aiding to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Advanced Toilet Hygiene Services

Initial provides an expert chemical deep cleaning service delivered by trained Initial specialists to sanitize toilet fixtures and surfaces - perfect for bathrooms that require an added level of hygiene, or in cases of high frequency use.

Our Eco-fresh urinal solution is a revolutionary, advanced urinal hygiene service developed to give you a complete urinal hygiene solution for your bathroom.

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