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Floor Mats for Rental

Initial’s Extensive range of Floor Mats to suit your every need

At Initial, we provide expert advice and hygienic occupational hygiene solutions. We offer a complete range of floor mats to suit any purpose. Whether you require floor mats for your reception, industrial workshop, office or food preparation area, we have an assortment of floor mats to suit your every need.

Our floor mat service provides your business with regular and freshly laundered floor mats. We will place dust mats where you need them most, and ensure that they are kept clean and fresh. This makes sure that your floor mats are constantly capturing dirt and water, and your floors are always protected.

Importance of Floor Mats

Prevents slips and trips

Reduces the risk of accident compensation claims

Keeps floors more hygienic

Minimises wear of flooring

Enhances company image

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