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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you supply a floor mat that will absorb heavy oil and grease spills?

Yes, our Extreme Mat is great for factories, production areas and workshops. Its patented blend of cotton fibres makes it ultra absorbent even in the harshest of environments. Learn about our oil trapping mats.

Can I have a custom sized floor mat?

Custom sized floor mats are available in the Unicolour and Logo Mats. Custom floor mats must not exceed our Health and Safety limit of 3.85 square metres. Custom sizes are not available for our Standard or Extreme Mats.

How often do floor mats get changed?

It will depend on the floor mat; Standard and Extreme Mats are changed fortnightly, Unicolour and Logo Mats are changed weekly.

Why do I need a laundered floor mat, can't I just vacuum it?

A vacuum cleaner only reaches the surface of the floor mat leaving 90% of the dirt behind.  This clogs the fibres and very soon the floor mat will not perform its job properly

Is it possible to get a floor mat with my logo on it?

Yes of course, our Logo Mat is printed with your company's design or logo. Please contact us for further information.

What is the standard length of a contract?

All our floor mat rental contracts are set  for a period of 2-years.

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