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Features and Benefits of our Floor Mats

Initial provides your business with a floor mat rental service to ensure the health and wellbeing of your employees, visitors and guests. Our expert service team ensures that your floor mats are laundered on a frequent basis, offering a professional service, which promises improved occupational hygiene levels. 

Our range of advanced floor mats capture dirt and filth that is tracked into your building, protects your floors, and prevents injuries that can occur due to slipping. Further to its health and safety benefits, our floor mats capture dust that causes allergies, fatigue and headaches – ensuring employee absenteeism is kept to a minimum and productivity levels are higher.

Features of our Floor Mats:

  • 100% nylon entrance floor mats offer excellent dirt-trapping capacity
  • 100% cotton water trapping floor mats for ultimate absorbency in wet areas
  • Coarse fibers scrape soil from shoes and prevent dirt spreading
  • Cleated rubber mat backing ensures strong adherence to industrial environment flooring
  • Rental floor mats are available in a variety of sizes
  • 100% Nitrile backing designed to withstand weekly laundry process
  • Oil, water and grease tolerant


  • Cost efficiency: floor mats are serviced on a monthly basis - meaning no capital outlay for our clients.
  • Labour-cost saving: our regular floor mat service allows your daily cleaners to focus on areas in need of their attention.
  • Enhancing appearances: Floor mats accentuate and showcase your brand, improving the appearance of your premises’ entrance.
  • Health and Safety compliance: slips and fall hazards are reduced, providing a safer working environment.
  • Lower employee absenteeism: A grime and dust-free environment reduces fatigue and allergies.
  • Improved staff morale and productivity: Employees work more efficiently in a clean work space, leading to happier colleagues that deliver better outputs.

Contact us to find out how our floor mats rental service can improve your organisation's occupational hygiene levels.

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