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In manufacturing environments it is important to protect your workforce against work-related illness. Good hygiene is vital to the performance of your business and it applies to all areas of your premises, from bathrooms and kitchen areas, to work spaces and storage areas.

Potential impact of poor hygiene

  • Compromised health and safety standards
  • Union issues due to employee wellbeing put at risk
  • Higher levels of absenteeism and shift disruption, increasing the risk of downtime
  • Increased presenteeism, sick employees still attend work and spread illness
  • Damage to reputation
  • Cost of any legal actions
  • Reduced productivity and efficiency leads to reduced quality

A recently study shows that on average, 4.5% of a business' workforce is absent on any given day, relating to overall absenteeism rate of between 3.5 and 6% per year which costs companies R12bn annually.

Hygiene Hotspots in Manufacturing Premises

Our hand hygiene and industrial hand wash products will ensure your staff are able to take care of their hygiene.

  • Bathrooms - Risk hotspots in the bathroom include toilets, flush handles, cubicle handles as well as areas around the sink.
  • Production Line - Production line surfaces can be home to pathogenic strains of E.coli or other bacteria that cause Gastroenteritis. Germs remain on surfaces such as production lines for 48 hours.
  • Canteen - An unclean workplace gives a poor impression, creates a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, affects staff morale and undermines operational effectiveness. Cross contamination between front and back of house staff can lead to foodborne diseases
  • Reception - Reception areas create a first impression for visitors. Make it positive and it will reflect well on the whole working environment.

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