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Occupational Hygiene

Expert Hygiene Services for the Workplace

Initial is committed to improving hygiene not only in the bathroom, but in the rest of the workplace. Did you know that the average desk contains 400 more times bacteria than the average toilet seat? With 77% of employees sharing office equipment, cross contamination is inevitable!

Trust Initial, the experts in hygiene services, to sterilize and clean office equipment including telephones, computers, keyboards, desks and your mouse. Our professional office cleaning services improves occupational hygiene and reduces the risks of infection associated with harmful bacteria that cause illness in the workplace, meeting your company’s occupational health and safety standards.

We offer the following occupational hygiene services for your office hygiene needs:

Techno Hygiene, our specialised office cleaning hygiene service, cleans and sanitizes office equipment such as telephones and computers, protecting against infection. Our Floor Mat rental service minimises your capital outlay and maintenance costs - improving dust levels in the air, protects floors, prevent slips and captures dirt trekked into buildings. Contact us to find out how we can improve your occupational hygiene.

Additional office hygiene services to enhance your workplace hygiene:

At Initial, we provide Biological Dosing for grease traps in your kitchen or canteen and CaterClean, a specialised kitchen hygiene service that will enable you to maintain HACCP hygiene standards in your kitchen and extend the life of kitchen equipment.

We also provide waterless antibacterial hand sanitizing gels and wipes for areas where access to water is limited, reducing the risk of bacteria spreading in your office.

Techno Hygiene Services
Our occupational hygiene services provide specialized hygienic office cleaning services for computers, telephones, ATMs, and other technical equipment, preventing cross contamination in the office.

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