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Techno Hygiene Services

Beware of the risks of poor Occupational Hygiene:

When we consider how many surfaces we touch every day, every hour, every minute whilst doing our job, it is easy to understand how cross contamination in the office can take place. Without proper office cleaning, disease-causing pathogens like cold and flu viruses can live on surfaces for up to 72 hours. These pathogens increase the risk of employee absenteeism that reduces your business’s productivity levels.

Initial has the solution!

Techno Hygiene

Initial addresses the risks of cross contamination in the workplace:

  • Our Techno Hygiene treatment will ensure that your office equipment is cleaned, sanitized and restored to ensure optimal occupational hygiene standards in your workplace. 
  • This specialised treatment includes the removal of grime, dust, stains like tea and coffee, correction fluid, food particles, skin cells, saliva and other debris from office equipment such as telephones, switchboards, keyboards, monitors, CPU’s, photocopiers, fax machines and shredders.

Our Techno Hygiene treatment improves staff health, ensures better attendance and also improves the impression that a business makes on its customers and employees.

Read more about how our expert Techno Hygiene service can benefit your business.

Did you know that one out of every three people neglect to wash their hands after making use of the bathroom? At Initial, we also provide you with bathroom hygiene services to ensure you maintain optimal occupational hygiene levels. Our antibacterial hand washing, hand sanitizing and other toilet hygiene services minimise the risks of cross contamination and promote optimal hygiene levels in your workplace.

Email us to book your Techno Hygiene treatment and reduce the spread of bacteria in your workplace.

Improve Occupational Hygiene levels in your workplace:

When you have deadlines to meet, the last thing you need is to have staff off ill! Initial’s Techno Hygiene service provides your business with several key benefits:

  • Eliminate the risk of cross contamination, commonly associated with shared office equipment, employee absenteeism is reduced and their productivity levels are improved.
  • Enhance staff morale: A clean office space indicates a visible investment in employee well-being, which enhances staff morale.
  • Preserve your equipment: A regular Techno Hygiene treatment will remove grime, stains, dust and other debris, ensuring your office equipment is not only hygienic, but also looks its best.
  • Enhance your office image: Research also shows that a hygienic and odour-free office can easily improve the impression that a business makes on its customers and employees.

Contact Initial to improve your occupational hygiene levels and reduce the risk of cross contamination in your office.

Our Professional Service:

Initial’s service teams are professional, well trained and discreet, making use of preparations such as germicides which are carefully formulated and selected to leave your office equipment clean and hygienic.

We provide you with regular services that are pre-booked to ensure minimal disruption to colleagues.Let our expert team take care of your occupational hygiene needs, so you can focus on what you do best. Please contact us to book your treatment today and eliminate harmful bacteria that can be detrimental to your employees’ health.

Did you know that eating at one’s desk further promotes the spread of bacteria and viruses?  The combination of food morsels, hair and skin build up in keyboards.

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