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About Initial Hygiene

Professional hygiene services you can trust

About Rentokil Initial in South Africa

Many businesses choose Initial because they need a dependable and experienced provider for hygiene services, including bathroom servicing, sanitary waste disposal management, advanced kitchen and office hygiene solutions and floor care services.

Founded in London in 1903, and establish in South Africa in the 1960's, our steady growth has been based on quality service, innovation, understanding and meeting the needs of our clients and an extensive international footprint, making Initial one of the world leaders in the area of bathroom and occupational hygiene service provision.

Having a single provider for all your facility needs saves you time and money in dealing with just one company. It also allows us to work closely with your company to better understand your business’ allowing us to meet them more efficiently and effectively.

Company Information
Read about our BEE status, our values and culture and related services that we offer.

History and Experience
See how our extensive history and experience in hygiene services have made us a leader in the industry today.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Discover our constantly evolving culture of Corporate Social Responsibility. The Initial approach to Corporate Social Responsibility is integral to the way we do business.

Leadership and Innovation
Initial utlises the latest hygiene services technology to lower energy requirements, reducing costs and improving environmental efficiency.

Health and Safety
Initial will ensure that you meet Health & Safety requirements in your bathroom, office and kitchen, as per environmental and occupational hygiene regulations.

Working with You
We tailor our hygiene services to meet your business’ needs, providing you with advanced kitchen, bathroom and occupational hygiene services.

Benefits of Initial Service
We provide customised, cost-effective hygiene solutions that improve the working environment in your business by reducing the spread of cross contamination, promoting staff health and increasing productivity levels.

Frequently Asked Questions
Find all the answers to frequently asked questions about working with us.

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