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Kitchen Hygiene Services

Advanced Kitchen Hygiene Services:

Trust Initial to hygienically treat and protect your valuable kitchen equipment, so you can focus on what’s important in your kitchen.

Are you worried that your daily cleaners don’t have the time or expertise to give your expensive kitchen equipment a thorough clean? At Initial, we provide the ultimate in kitchen hygiene services – our chemical deep cleaning service, CaterClean, will enable you to maintain the highest possible standards in kitchen hygiene and extend the lifespan of your kitchen equipment. Our specialised commercial kitchen deep cleaning service will give you peace-of-mind and value for money. And what’s more, it is performed during your kitchen’s downtime.

  • Poor kitchen hygiene can be hazardous to your staff and customers’ health
  • Burnt-on grease and solidified fats can pose health and safety risks such as slips and falls; and the risk of fire
  • Your kitchen is at greater risk of pest infestations
  • Kitchen equipment runs a greater risk of failing due to residue build up
  • HACCP Compliance – periodic kitchen deep cleaning and sanitation is required to prevent the increase and spread of contaminating organisms.
  • Extend the life span of kitchen equipment and improves its efficiency.
  • Our trained, experienced and professional deep cleaning experts reach dirty and grimy areas that cannot be reached on a regular basis.
  • Reduce your electricity and gas usage through clean kitchen equipment, such as heat plates and gas burners.
  • Our chemical deep cleaning service saves costs: clean kitchen equipment uses less electricity, and it functions more effectively, over a longer time period.
  • See the sparkling results!

Having problems with blocked grease traps?

Organic matter and grease sludge trapped in your kitchen’s pipes present hygiene threats to employees and clientele, as decomposing waste in pipes presents a high risk of cross contamination.

  • Initial’s Biological Dosing solution will prevent the greasy buildup that attract pests and causes your grease trap to overflow.
  • HACCP compliance to ensure your kitchen meets health and safety standards and food safety regulations.
  • By removing grease and fat traps, a fresh and hygienic environment is ensured.
  • Our advanced kitchen hygiene services are delivered by our trained, experienced and professional technicians.
  • Initial offers after-hours service for customer convenience – so your business can function as per normal.

Flawless hand hygiene in a commercial kitchen is as important as hygienic equipment in maintaining a spotless reputation. Ensure that your kitchen staff has access to hand sanitizing soaps, wipes or gel for your own peace of mind.

Preserve your spotless reputation

We at Initial understand how important it is for you to deliver excellent service to your clients - whether it be catering, or running a commercial kitchen - and how important your reputation is in the public eye.  

Our regular, specialist deep cleaning services reduces the risk of cross contamination by removing carbon deposits, grease, grime and solidified oils that poses health and safety risks. 

Through making use of our specialist deep cleaning service, we ensure that the risk to the public is minimized and negative publicity is avoided – ensuring a spotless and germ-free kitchen environment is maintained.

Please contact us and book a free survey to ensure to find out how you can benefit from our specialised kitchen hygiene services.

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