Providing A Good Washroom Experience

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Providing A Good Bathroom Experience

Whether working in an office, spending time at the mall, learning at school or enjoying a meal in a restaurant, people will visit the bathroom facilities at some point.

And when they go  - depending on the type of environment they are in - they will expect a certain standard. Failure to meet these expectations will result in a poor experience, which in turn will negatively impact the overall perception of the establishment.

  • In an office, employees feel that below-standard bathrooms demonstrate a lack of care for them from their employer.
  • In a retail environment, shoppers will spend less time in stores or malls where the bathrooms are not satisfactory, with many shoppers deciding to avoid those places altogether, especially when shopping with young children.
  • In schools, pupils tend to avoid bathrooms if they do not feel that they are safe and clean, which can lead to reduced attention levels and even health implications.
  • In a restaurant, people will associate the cleanliness of the bathrooms with the hygiene standards of the kitchen.

This video introduces a selection of ideas to consider when looking to provide a smooth and comfortable experience to all washroom users

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