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Deep Cleaning Bathroom Treatment

An expert deep cleaning service for your toilet cubicle and bathroom.

We use natural, specially formulated preparations which are 100% environmentally friendly and compatible with septic tanks to remove the buildup of scale, dirt, urine and faecal deposits, and we finish off the service with antibacterial fogging of the entire bathroom.

Why you need professional deep cleaning services

Flushing rims, fittings, and the surrounding areas of your toilet cubicles and bathroom amenities are exposed to continuous deposits of faecal matter and other harmful bacteria from the toilet “sneeze effect”.

This build-up creates a bathroom environment in which bacteria and other pathogens can flourish. Toilet users who come into contact with these organisms are at risk of illnesses such as gastroenteritis, vaginal infections, urinary tract infections, and the common cold.

Initial's Antibacterial Fogging Solution

Initial is the only hygiene company to offer our clients antibacterial fogging as part of their deep clean.

Antibacterial fogging uses a high-level disinfectant in an aerosol state. The aerosol droplets reach into every crack and crevice and cover every exposed surface of your bathroom, penetrating the places daily cleaning just can’t reach.

Compared to manual cleaning, fogging is an extremely fast, efficient, and water-wise service which significantly reduces the overall bacteria count in a bathroom for safer, healthier environments.

Features of Initial's Deep Cleaning Treatment

  • Initial uses natural, specially formulated preparations that eliminate harmful pathogens, organic deposits, malodour and scale.
  • Our descaling & degreasing preparations have been specially developed to achieve maximum results, without risk to the user or the environment.
  • Our deep cleaning preparations are safe for use with septic tanks, and are non-caustic, ensuring that they are safe for all surfaces and will not damage fittings and finishes.
  • Initial supplies an antimicrobial NRCS registered disinfectant detergent surface spray (Pine Fresh) for use between services. Full training is provided to your daily cleaners and use of Pine Fresh maintains high risk touch surfaces in the washroom hygienically clean and drastically reduces cross contamination risks for users in between scheduled deep clean services
  • Initial can also supply you with a bio-enzyme / friendly bacteria washroom cleaner spray (Eco-spray) for use in-between services - in place of potentially harmful and costly traditional disinfectant bathroom cleaning agents. Full training is provided to your daily cleaners and the use of Eco-spray which ensures a continual presence of; odour, scale, buildup and bacteria reducing friendly bacteria in all washroom units and inside waste pipework
  • The initial deep clean services utilises HACCP grade cleaning equipment to minimise the risk of cross contamination
  • Deep cleaning treatments are delivered by Initial’s trained technicians

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