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Genie Air Care and Odour Remediation

Bacteria controlled, odour free bathrooms

Genie uses patented technology to diffuse fragrance and odour treatment products into the air and has been specifically designed for use in large, high traffic bathrooms. 

Bathroom hygiene standards and expectations have risen over the years. A pleasant bathroom experience has become the focus of brand conscious establishments, where a customer's bathroom experience can greatly influence their perception of a brand. Smell is still ranked as the number one priority for people in bathrooms.

Technology advances have allowed for improved dispersion techniques. These, along with a higher quality of air fragrancing and more natural aromas, ensure that the Genie provides a high quality air scenting solution specifically designed to tackle odour in high traffic, large space commercial bathrooms.

This highly innovative odour removal solution ensures bathroom visitors will have a positive experience.

Genie is a patented odour canceling and fragrancing solution for large, high-traffic bathrooms

Genie AirQ technology enables the air scent  to evenly disperse across the room with coverage up to 425m³ of highly effective fragrance odour neutralisation technology which improves air quality and reinforces the perception of a sanitary environment by conveying a clean, fresh, healthy and hygienic feel.

It lends itself to flexible and efficient servicing with a 500ml cartridge, field replaceable pumps and remote appliance programming.

Traditional bathroom automatic air freshener spray devices have uneven distribution of fragrance which is always strongest at the source point. The Genie AirQ technology enables fragrance to evenly disperse across the room with coverage up to 425m, successfully eliminating malodour in bathrooms.



  • Discreet, sleek design of the air care unit easily blends in with the décor and is ideal for wall mounted bathroom applications.
  • The Genie AirQ micro-droplet technology enables the air scent fragrance to evenly disperse across the room with coverage up to 425m³
  • Increased programming options to accommodate varying traffic levels in bathroom environments. 21 different start/stop times and 50 intensity levels to handle any 24/7 hygiene needs.
  • Integrated, adjustable fan for improved subtle fragrance diffusion.
  • Field-replaceable pump reduces potential downtime of the air care unit.
  • Remote programming of the appliances via SD card
  • Mains powered with a 3v backup battery
  • Wall mount and table top stand options with aesthetically pleasing, lockable front cover

Dimensions (MM)

  • Height - 253.7mm
  • Width - 191.27mm
  • Depth - 76mm


  • 2.4kg with full 500ml cartridge


  • 500ml cartridge

Product hardware checklist

  • Robust, vandal-resistant construction
  • Easy to fill and top up
  • Complies with relevant global legislation
  • Available in white and stainless steel
  • A range of odour neutralising fragrances allow you to tailor your space to complement the décor, while ensuring a fresh, clean, hygienic environment.
  • Each air scent has proven odour neutralisation performance
  • Available fragrances for bathroom specific applications include: Clean Cotton, Tidal Wave, Waterfall, Spring Fresh
  • 500ml sealed air scent recyclable cartridge with single use nebulisation head
  • Fragrances have passed all international regulatory requirements.

Recommended product location

  • Ideally located away from ventilation source such as a door or air extraction unit


  • Installed by an Initial Service Technician

Service promise

  • Customer care line for enquiries
  • Installed within 10 working days of customer signing contract
  • Free repair or replacement of the air care unit within lifetime of contract with Initial
  • Includes 2 weeks of bedding in time where settings can be altered to customise the air scent to the environment.

Economic Value

  • Low consumption levels
  • No need for extra cubicle air fresheners


  • Protecting brand image and showing that you care for your employee and visitor welfare.


  • Surface specifically designed to enhance hygiene standards and make cleaning easier


  • No harmful VOC's
  • No batteries
  • Fully recycles
  • No harmful or hazardous chemicals



    The surface of this air care unit is specifically designed to enhance hygiene standards and make cleaning easier

  • Design

    Fully programmable device that gives customer flexibility to adjust the frequency of air scent dispersal

  • Quality

    Reliable and durable, tested to last with a lifetime guarantee

  • Service

    Our service is tailored to your usage levels and ensures you never run out of our innovative air freshener between service intervals

  • Consumables

    Fragrances contain AromaGuard™ technology, designed to specifically target bathroom malodours