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Signature COLOUR Range

Discover the Colour Psychology in your Washroom

“Every living creature on earth responds to the messages implicit in the play of light and colour.”

It has been proven that different colours offer a profound effect on human behaviour. It has the ability to influence our moods, provoke emotions and stimulate the senses. When colour is introduced into the washroom, dependant on the colour of choice, you have the ability to influence a client or employee’s mood and behaviour.

Harnessing the power of colour psychology means you are able to evoke particular - and predictable - psychological responses to colour in the majority of people. Initial Washroom Hygiene are able to offer the new Signature COLOUR range - enabling you to leverage the power of colour in your washroom. Combining the innovative design features and superior hygiene qualities from the red dot award-winning Signature range, these products are now available in a choice of nine striking colours in matte or gloss finishes. With each colour being specifically chosen and developed to introduce ambient influence to your washroom.