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Consumable Hygiene Products

Your bathroom is more than a just bathroom. It’s a window into your organisation and reflects the care and concern for your staff and your customers.

Initial bathroom hygiene services supplies a wide range of high quality consumable hygiene products for your bathroom:

Toilet Hygiene Products

Providing a hygienic, regular supply of quality toilet paper, toilet roll holders and toilet seat sanitizer is the fundamental requirement of any bathroom. Initial further supplies air freshener refills to ensure a pleasant bathroom environment. That’s why Initial Bathroom Hygiene Solutions offer a wide variety of toilet hygiene products.

Hand Drying and Paper Products

Microbiological studies have proven that using paper towels for drying hands after washing them can significantly help with the removal of residual contamination. That’s why our range of paper towels are designed to give unrivalled absorption and excellent hygiene.

Except for folded paper towels, Initial also offers reflex paper towels and air hand dryers in its consumable hand hygiene products range.

Hand Care

Infectious diseases such as colds and flu are often spread by hand contact, so hand washing is particularly important for the removal of contamination. With everything from foam and liquid hand soap to a variety of other soaps, we also have hand sanitizer gel and wipes available as waterless hand washing alternatives.

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