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Feminine Hygiene

Providing Sanitary Bins and Waste Disposal solutions

Our feminine hygiene service provides female users with a safe, discreet, easy to use, and hygienic solution offering them complete reassurance whilst using your toilet facilities.

What’s included in our feminine hygiene service:

Initial Hygiene's sanitary bins, with built in anti-bacterial technology, are the most hygienic and environmentally friendly solution to help prevent the reduce the risk of cross contamination, the spread of bacteria and reduce the presence of E coli.

Our no touch feminine hygiene automatic unit requires just a wave of the hand across an infra-red sensor positioned on top of the sanitary bin to activate the quiet opening lid. Manual units are also available, and for smaller bathrooms, Initial offers compact units, also available in manual and automatic options.

A fully trained customer delivery representative from one of Initial Hygiene's 12 local waste transfer stations will perform a regular scheduled visit to your premises. Exchanging your feminine hygiene bins on each visit ensures that a constantly high level of bathroom hygiene is maintained.

A full waste transfer certificate is supplied by Initial, which is necessary for your business’ compliance with South African waste legislation. The service offers you peace of mind and ensures you are providing a professional service for your female visitors.

Compliance with Sanitary Waste Disposal Regulations

Providing your female bathroom visitors with a discreet and hygienic way to dispose of feminine hygiene waste is a vital consideration for the provision of a clean and pleasant bathroom environment. 

Adhering to sanitary waste disposal regulations ensures that your business complies with the safe disposal of sanitary waste complying with The Occupational Health & Safety Act, 85 of 1993 and The National Environmental Management: Waste Act, 59 of 2008. 

Environmentally friendly, Anti-bacterial and effective Odour Control solutions

Our sanitary bins contain an environmentally friendly ‘Sanitact Green’ formulation containing essential oils work to combat unpleasant odours inside the unit whilst its anti-bacterial preparation disinfects waste. Our bin liners are 100% eco-friendly and can be biodegraded in a period of six months. The bin liner also ensures added protection as it is coated with a sanitizing agent to slow down bacterial growth. This ensures that your visitors are greeted with a clean and fresh-smelling toilet cubicle. Read more about our sanitary waste disposal solutions.

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