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Deep Cleaning Bathroom Treatment

An intensive, environmentally friendly Deep Cleaning service for your toilet cubicle and bathroom

Deep cleaning treatment from Initial

Initial’s expert chemical deep cleaning treatment - also known as our Ablution Hygiene Treatment (AHT) - is a five star service delivered by trained hygiene specialists to sanitize toilets, bathroom fixtures and surfaces. We use patented bio-enzyme preparations which are 100% environmentally friendly to remove the buildup of scale, dirt and faecal deposits, and which are compatible with septic tanks.

We are the only provider to offer our clients antibacterial fogging as part of their deep clean. Antibacterial fogging uses a high level disinfectant in an aerosol state. The aerosol droplets reach into every crack and crevice, and cover every exposed surface of your bathroom, penetrating the places daily cleaning just can’t reach.  Compared to manual cleaning, fogging is an extremely fast, efficient and water-wise service which significantly reduces the overall bacteria count in a bathroom, for safer, healthier environments.

<Download our info guide here on our antibacterial fogging treatment>

  • Elimination of bacteria in the bathroom reduces the risk of cross contamination, thus reducing employee absenteeism
  • The use of environmentally-friendly, biodegradable and non-abrasive bio- enzyme preparations means our service is safe for all bathroom surfaces.
  • By spreading friendly bacteria throughout the system for up to 2 weeks, bio-enzymes continue to work after the service is finished, keeping your bathrooms hygienic for longer.
  • Biological preparations are both skin and surface friendly, meaning that minimal rinsing is required, and water usage on your premises is kept to a minimum.
  • Increased life span of bathroom equipment due to the removal of scale and build-up in “hard-to-reach” places, and thus reducing costs on your maintenance obligations
  • Our advanced deep cleaning and antibacterial fogging service is delivered by trained, skilled and supervised personnel
  • Initial supplies an anti-bacterial film spray to use between services. Full training is provided to your daily cleaners
  • Excellent bathroom and toilet hygiene shows an investment in staff and clients, providing peace of mind

 Why make use of Deep Cleaning Toilet and Bathroom Treatment?

Toilet hygiene service

Did you know that the flushing rims, fittings and surrounding areas of each of your toilet cubicles - as well other bathroom amenities - are exposed to continuous deposits of faecal matter and other harmful bacteria? 

This build-up creates a bathroom environment suitable for bacterial and other pathogenic organisms to flourish. Toilet users who come into contact with these organisms are at risk of illnesses such as gastro-enteritis, vaginal infections, urinary tract infections and the common cold.

  • Internationally patented and environmentally friendly chemical preparations that eliminate pathogens, organic deposits, odour and scale in your toilet facilities.
  • Extending the lifespan of your equipment and reducing costs by reducing blockages, malodour and damage
  • Initial uses bio-enzyme preparations which have been specially developed to achieve maximum results in keeping your toilet area hygienic, without risk to the user or the environment. These deep cleaning preparations are safe for use with septic tanks, and are non-caustic, ensuring that fittings and finishes aren’t damaged.
  • Increased lifespan of bathroom equipment due to the removal of scale and build-up in “hard-to-reach” places, and thus reducing costs on your maintenance obligations
  • Our advanced toilet cubicle deep cleaning service will ensure that harmful bacteria are removed, and the risks of cross-infection are eliminated, leaving you with ultra-hygienic and comfortable bathroom area, and a positive user experience.
Deep cleaning before and after

Please contact us to find out how we can provide you with the ultimate solution in bathroom hygiene services for your business.

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