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Eco-fresh and Eco-Cap Urinal Solutions

Eco fresh

Urinal hygiene with continuous protection from uric scale and bacteria

The problem of urinal odours and blockages can create a negative experience in male bathrooms and may leave urinal users with a poor impression of your business.

At Initial hygiene solutions, we truly believe that every bathroom should be hygienic, user friendly and be easy to maintain. We also believe that it is worthwhile investing in products that really work, are cost effective, and have as little impact as possible on the environment. That way, we know that we are doing everything we can to give you the best possible hygiene solution.

Initial has a urinal solution to suit your needs - we offer an Eco-fresh or Eco-Cap solution depending on your sanitising solution. Our urinal products are provided through a revolutionary, advanced urinal hygiene service developed to give you total peace of mind and a complete urinal hygiene solution for your bathroom.

Reduces Blockages

reduce blockage

The patented sleeve is suitable for new and existing urinals. It contains bio-enzymes (good bacteria) that penetrate uric acid; salts and scale to prevent build up. Waste is then simply washed out of the system on the next flush of the urinal. The design of the sleeve cap also prevents foreign matter, such as cigarette butts and gum from falling into the waste trap of the urinal.

Prevents odours

prevent odours

The patented odour lock design of eco-clear’s sleeve traps odours below the water line of the urinal, stopping them from entering the bathroom. The bio-enzymes that penetrate uric acid, salts and scale prevent dangerous bacteria and bio-film from forming, thus eliminating unpleasant odours in your bathroom. The sleeve, along with its block of good bacteria, is replaced every two months with a fresh, clean unit.

Improves hygiene

eco fresh

Our Eco-fresh and Eco-cap urinal solutions are a service regime, featuring a deep clean of the urinal bowl, pipework, wall and floor tiles. It prevents the buildup of harmful bacteria, uric salt and scale. The regular hygiene service also includes supply of the eco-clear cleaning solution, a biological formulation that neutralises odours in your bathroom and breaks down uric acid.


Please contact us for fresh and hygienic urinal solution for your bathroom.

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