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Toilet Seat Sanitizer Solutions

A toilet seat cleaner that improves cleanliness

A major fear in bathrooms is the potential of transient bacteria on the toilet seat surfaces. Shared toilet seats can become contaminated with bacteria that may cause infections. Initial Hygiene's toilet seat sanitizer provides your users with the facility to sanitize the toilet seat before use.

Initial’s toilet seat cleaner is designed to be positioned next to the toilet roll holder in each cubicle. By simply pushing on the dispenser, the user can dispense the alcohol-based sanitizer onto a sheet of toilet paper to wipe and clean around the toilet seat before use. This helps to improve hygiene confidence and considerably reduce the risk of contamination. 

Initial Hygiene's toilet seat sanitizer can be used on other contact points within the cubicle such as the toilet flush handle and cubicle door handles that are prone to carry bacteria.

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