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Premium Scenting from initial

Premium Air Scenting

Introducing Premium Scenting from Initial

Did you know that within 30 seconds a customer has decided whether or not  they wish to stay at your establishment?

air scenting

Because smell is one of our most powerful senses, Initial offers Premium Scenting, an exciting new way to express your brand and to enhance the customer experience on your premises.

Not only will this solution assist with odour removal on your premises, it will diffuse a specially selected fragrance into the air to create a unique and memorable experience.

What makes Premium Scenting different to Aerosol Air Fresheners

Initial’s Premium Scenting product provides air scents that last longer in the air and scent larger areas than the average aerosol product. Below are the differences between the two:

Premium Scenting:

  • Light weight: The microscopic scent particles are 1/125,000 times the weight of an aerosol droplet.
  • Longer lasting: Because of the droplets’ lighter weight, the scent is able to hang in the air for up to 16 hours, thus an efficient odour removal solution for areas that need more scenting attention
  • Even Distribution: Ability to cover areas 10 times larger than the average aerosol droplet. Depending on the type of unit used, Premium Scenting droplets can cover areas from 280 to 4250 cubic metres.

Aerosol Air Fresheners

  • Larger droplets: By contrast, aerosol droplets which are usually emitted from women’s perfume bottles, or traditional air freshener units are much larger - up to 125,00 larger than a nano droplet.
  • Short bursts of fragrancing: The heavier weight of these droplets mean that they fall to the ground soon after being sprayed.
  • Uneven distribution: Roughly covers 50 cubic meters, thus also leaving wet spots, stains and residue.
Initial's Premium Air Scenting units

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Benefits of Scent Marketing

Scent Marketing Benefits Discover the benefits of enhancing your brand identity with scent marketing:

  • Longer dwell time: Customers are attracted to, prefer, and spend more time in subtly and properly scented environments.
  • Positive effects: Scenting has a positive influence on waiting time and perception of product value
  • Air scenting improves shopper experience: Scenting can calm, relax, de-stress, energise, improve mood and positively impacts spending.
  • Appeal to your target market: Like music, air scents can be formulated to appeal to particular age groups, genders and other demographics
  • Stand out from the crowd: Not only will a scenting solution add to your shopper marketing strategy, but will complement and add an extra dimension to your brand message that people will recognise and associate with.

Air Scents available:

Initial’s Premium Scenting has the following air scents in its range to accentuate your brand and ensure a memorable experience for your visitors and guests:

Catergories of Air Scents
  • Cucumber Mint
  • Refreshing Lavender
  • Leather Lux
  • Arousing
  • Soothing Vanilla
  • Verbena Tea
  • Airy
  • Soft Veil
  • Fresh Clean
  • Mint Energy
  • Ginger Lilly
  • Spa Eucalyptus
  • Blue Wood
  • Marsala
  • Pink Pomegranate

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