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For more than 35 years, we have been helping our customers to improve their occupational hygiene levels and provide pleasant and hygienic office environments for staff, clients and visitors alike.

We understand that good hygiene is vital in creating a welcoming environment that customers want to return to.

Potential impact of poor hygiene

  • Poor reflection of your company’s image
  • Poor health in the workplace, leading to absenteeism
  • Low morale and poor staff engagement
  • Increased “presenteeism”, when employees attend work despite being sick and spread illness to others
  • Reduced productivity

Research also shows that something as simple as regular hand washing or hand sanitizing, can decrease illness by up to 50%.

People who are more concerned about bathroom, kitchen and occupational hygiene are harder to impress. Your hygiene services standards should aim to satisfy these end users.

Improving hygiene services levels makes good financial sense:

  • Better health in the workplace leads to decreased levels of absenteeism/presenteeism, thus reduced additional cost for temporary cover, plus salary for staff who are not working
  • Improved staff morale and loyalty, so reduced recruitment costs
  • Improved productivity, which results in improved profitability

Hygiene hotspots in offices

  • Entrance - The reception area creates a first impression for visitors. Make it positive and it will reflect well on the whole working environment.
  • Meeting Rooms - An unclean workplace gives a poor impression, creates a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and affecting staff morale.
  • Desks - Unclean desks create a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and undermines operational effectiveness.
  • IT Areas - An unclean IT room creates a harmful breeding ground for bacteria including Rhinovirus. It is transferred from machine surfaces to hands and causes the common cold. Hand and surface sanitisers will stop the spread of germs.

Service Benefits

We take pride in delivering the highest levels of service to enable you to keep your organisation looking good, feeling healthy and most importantly, hygienic.

  • Structured Survey - We carry out a full hygiene survey of your premises, to identify germ hotspots and get a full understanding of your requirements.
  • Hygiene Education - Encouraging better hygiene amongst students and staff can be a difficult task. We are here to help and can provide you with materials to get the message across.
  • Based on Science - We know that what looks clean, is not necessarily hygienic and we can help you improve standards for your students and staff.
  • Consumable Advice - We help you save money by advising on the correct type, quantity and location of consumables based on our knowledge of usage patterns.
  • Excellent Service - Our service is dependable, friendly and discreet, delivering the best hygiene for your premises, including regular quality checks.
  • Range of Products and Services - Designed for ease of use, comfort and reliability, delivered with style and engineered to a high standard.

Bathroom Products & Services for Offices:

Professional Hygiene services make good business sense. Contact us today to find out how we can provide your business with a tailored hygiene solution.

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