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Initial's Floor Mat Service

Our professional Floor Mat Service offers consistent performance

Did you know that an ‘off the shelf’ floor mat is typically made from lower grade materials and has a limited lifespan, due the fact that it cannot withstand the temperatures required for a full laundry service?

Initial’s advanced floor mats are made from industrial grade materials such as nitrile rubber, which is extremely heat tolerant. This is the only rubber compound that can tolerate the drying process in our full laundry service.

Our professional floor mat service provides your business with a freshly laundered floor mat on a regular basis, ensuring your mats are constantly capturing dirt and water, and your floors always protected.

A well-positioned floor mat can help to improve Health and Safety standards within the workplace, by reducing the grime and water on floors, which could become slip hazards. Our floor mat service also aids the prevention of slip injuries, helping to protect your business from expensive compensation claims which can be damaging to your reputation.

With our floor mat service in place, your business will receive regular floor mat exchanges that ensure a high level of floor protection is constantly provided. This prolongs the life of your flooring and helps reduce your floor cleaning bills, as 80% of the dirt and water that gets tracked into your premises is captured by our advanced floor mats.

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Our floor mat service incorporates our standard entrance mats, water-trapping mats, oil trapping mats and logo mats.

Benefits of our floor mat service

  • Our high-quality floor mats are replaced regularly, ensuring constant performance.
  • By capturing filth and dirt, our floor mats reduce the amount of dust in the air, reducing allergies, headaches and fatigue
  • Our floor mats enhance the appearance of your company’s entrance, allowing you to showcase your brand.
  • A dust-free work space improves staff morale and productivity.

Learn how your business can benefit from floor mats.

Need to save costs?

  • Initial’s floor mats improve your Health and Safety compliance – reducing your safety bills
  • Our floor mats protect your floors and extend the life of your flooring  
  • Our floor mat service is offered at a low monthly cost - meaning  no capital outlay for our clients
  • Initial’s floor mat service is labour-cost saving - allowing your daily cleaners to focus on areas in need of cleaning

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